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New Beta Version of Store Manager for WooCommerce has been Released

Great news! New Beta version of Store Manager for WooCommerce has been released. Version is packed with new features, improvements and fixes.

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Here is what the latest version offers:


  • ‘Product tags’ support has been implemented in the application.
  • Ability to add product tags from the appropriate button of lower grid has been added.
  • Functionality to delete product tags massively has been included.
  • ‘Reference from simple to grouped product right from context menu has been implemented.
  • ‘Linked products’ support has been added in this release.
  • ‘Vote for Feature’ button has been included into the app.


  • Compatibility with versions 2.3.8 and 2.3.9 (utf8mb4 encoding) has been implemented.
  • Fast Report 5 support has been included.
  • The process of attributes adding in lower grid has been improved.


  • ‘Duplicate entry’ error occurring after attributes were added and edited in the lower grid has been eliminated.
  • Now after product tags were added, the information is auto-refreshing.
  • The issue related to incorrect opening of Visual Query Builder has been fixed.

New beta is ready for testing, you just have to download it from your license account - or use the popup hint in Store Manager application.

Thank you for being interested in our software.


eMagicOne Team

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