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eMagicOne Reaches New MileStone: 100,000 Store Manager Users

We’re thrilled to announce that eMagicOne crossed a key milestone and now has over 100,000 users worldwide!

This community growth really means a lot for us as we’re making great progress toward our ultimate goal: to help store owners manage eCommerce stores in much more efficient and productive way.

Serving more than 100,000 users, who manage their online stores, eMagicOne solutions allow to:

  • Adjust data using Multi Editors in 2 clicks - for seasonal sales, offers, etc.
  • Import any Excel, xml, csv, txt file you have (no limitations)
  • Synchronise with eBay, Amazon, QuickBooks PeachTree by Sage and more
  • Add orders via POS with barcode scanner and cash drawer support (for offline stores)
  • Print USPS shipping labels
  • Automate recurring tasks with schedulers to stay up-to-date
  • Diagnose your store for missing images, broken products, etc and find solution
  • and much more!

To visualize how far we’ve come, we’ve put together some key statistics in an infographic:

Our apps currently is available, in more than 20 languages, for download and testing. To learn more about eMagicOne solutions or download any today, visit -

Heading for the Future

One hundred thousand users is a big number, but it’s just a start. Before we move onwards, we want to acknowledge that we couldn’t reach these heights without you, best customers in the world!

We are so proud and extremely grateful to our community, to each and everyone who has helped us get this far and for making this happen. We’ll continue working tirelessly to deliver the best user experience and to make our software better and more useful for you.

Now, to the next milestone! We look forward to reaching 1 million users!

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