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How to Add WooCommerce Grouped Products

WooCommerce grouped products represent separate product class and help store owners in creating diverse product catalog. Class name speaks of itself, since falling back on it, you combine several simple products and create complex listing. These are independent elements that do not share some specific feature and offered together as a set.

woocommerce grouped product display to customers

When customers access grouped product at the frontend, they see all the grouped product constituents, can choose some and even specify quantity for this or that item sold in a group.

WooCommerce grouped product configuring consists of two steps: adding main grouped product (container) and associated simple products (constituents).

I. Create Main Grouped Product

  1. Navigate to Store->Products section in Store Manager and decide on category to add WooCommerce grouped product.
  2. Click ‘Add New’ button on the product toolbar to start product configuring. Right after you click this option, product records appears in the grid.
  3. Move down to the lower grid with numerous tabs, choose ‘Product Data’, and set product type, grouped for this item.
  4. woocommerce grouped product

  5. Designate all the details to make product informative, namely title, description, images and save the record.
  6. woocommerce grouped product

II. Assign Constituents to WooCommerce Grouped Product

To create the complex product, you should consolidate all the simple items under just created group product. If you have added them previously, you can step to grouping. Whenever associated products do not exist at WooCommerce, create them.

If necessary simple products already exist at WooCommerce, you can step to grouping. In case they have not been added yet, create them first.

To assign simple items to main grouped product the following steps should be preserved:

  1. Select simple product to be assigned to grouped as its constituent and enable its editing.
  2. Access ‘Product Data’ tab in the lower grid and switch to ‘Linked Products’ within it.
  3. Expand ‘Grouping’ dropdown and select WooCommerce grouped product currently managed simple item will be linked to now.
  4. woocommerce simple product assign to grouped

  5. Press ‘Apply’ button below to save the relations.

WooCommerce grouped product allows customers to adjust the purchase and add several items to order from one product page. If you want to add grouped products massively through import using Store Manager for WooCommerce.

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